PhotoSteel is Making Memories Permanent

PhotoSTEEL is the exclusive developer of an environmentally-friendly, patented process to bond high resolution color graphics permanently to a custom shaped metal substrate. The proprietary PhotoSTEEL process has been developed over several years by the merging of traditional industrial, metal-working processes with computer-aided graphic design techniques. The founders of PhotoSTEEL each have over twenty years of background in these industry specializations. PhotoSTEEL "Making Memories Permanent"

Imagine a photo processing technology where any picture you wish can be indelibly memorialized in a virtually indestructible steel substrate. It can be done without sacrificing detail or color. What's more, it can be done in any size or shape imaginable giving it a lifelike three dimensional (3D) quality not found in conventional photo processing. The finished product, made from heavy fourteen and twenty gauge steel, has a substantial and rich feel that will continue to impress for years to come!

Anything and everything that you can take a digital picture of. Cars, kids, boats, pets, bikes, etc... PhotoSTEEL "Making Memories Permanent"