Route 66 Map Sign


Product Description

24″ x 14″ – 14 Gauge Metal – Route 66 USA Map – This is a flat metal sign.

Transform your own Photo’s into PhotoSTEEL!!!!!!!

PhotoSTEEL – “Making Memories Permanent” Imagine a photo processing technology where any picture you wish can be indelibly memorialized in a virtually indestructible metal substrate. It can be done without sacrificing detail or color. What’s more, it can be done in any size or shape imaginable giving it a lifelike three dimensional quality not found in conventional photo processing. And the finished product, made from heavy 14 Gauge Steel, gives it a substantial and rich feel that will continue to impress for years to come.

The final product is of high quality with a three-dimensional look and heavyweight feel. It is weather and rust resistant-nearly indestructible. Not a vinyl overla